• Gravure Quality…. without Gravure Expense
  • Smaller Dots (170+ LPI) yield Sharper, More Repeatable image
  • Less upfront Capital Cost with NO Interstation Dryers
  • NO Solvent Capture, Destruction, Regulatory expenses
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (Capital, Material Waste, Utilities, Ink)
  • Less dot gain allows for expanded color gamut and more vibrant images
  • Green & Always Safe for Food
Electron Beam Winning Industry

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EB Flexo: The New Gold Standard in Flexo

  • Sharper Image with tonal gradations down to 3% and FM screening
  • Better repeatability due to less dot gain of ultrahigh solids inks
  • Expanded color gamut due to smaller dots with 170+ line screens
  • Highest gloss varnishes for poly films applied on last deck.  
  • High Rub & Chemical Resistance
  • Safe for Food Packaging.  Lowest Odor and Extractables.  Never Photoinitiators
Electron Beam Technologies

Do MORE For LESS with LESS on your existing CI Flexo Press

  • NO interstation dryers means less upfront capital cost
  • NO interstation dryers means less op cost (10-25% less)
  • Less ink stations (C,Y,M,K + R,G,B) to get same color
  • Higher Net Line speeds due to fewer ink changes
  • Thinner Laydown & Better Mileage with higher opacity, UltraHigh Solids inks
  • Inline laminations.  Print—Coat—Laminate—Dry.  All Inline.

EB Flexo Inks: The Gold Standard in Safety

  • Food Safe & FDA Compliant
  • NO Odor or Extractables.  No migration potential of Photoinitiators.
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic and not hazardous
  • No explosion-proof designs because solvents reduced 90%+

Good for the bottom line. Great for the environment.

  • 90%+ reduction in VOC’s
  • 85% reduction of GHG compared to Solvent-Based printing inks
  • NO initial regulatory filings and ongoing environmental H&S compliance.
  • LESS wasted energy spent refining , mixing, shipping, drying, collecting or incinerating
  • Carbon footprint dramatically decreased.
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