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ESI FlexoBeam Growing Around the Globe, Part I

At the end of the day, results are what matter. That's why the "world leader in electron beam technology," Energy Sciences Inc. (ESI), keeps growing in the flexible packaging converter market space.

The Uteco Group just opened a new highly advanced ConverDrome facility in Verona, Italy, and Energy Sciences Inc. has partnered with them in the venture. The ConverDrome will feature a new FlexoBeam Electron Beam unit from ESI.

FlexoBeam was designed to exceed expectations in the flexible packing converting industry, specifically CI-Flexo presses. Why else did the ConverDrome see partnering with ESI and eBeam technology as the perfect match?

For starters, the FlexoBeam unit will be able to showcase the new ink applications and technologies pioneered by ESI and Technosolutions. As a result, there will be big savings in waste and ink costs. Ink usage will be reduced by 60 to 65%. Solvent content is reduced by 90% when compared to conventional solvent based ink. An equally important consideration the ability to achieve a better print product while reducing the impact on the environment, as VOCs are dramatically reduced or eliminated. Dot gain is another big plus when it comes to using the FlexoBeam on CI-Flexo presses. Less dot gain is achieved through the high content of solids in the inks themselves. Seemingly endless benefits! Contact ESI today to get started on the road to improved profitability.


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