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ESI FlexoBeam Growing Around the Globe, Part II

At the new state-of-the-art ConverDrome facility in Verona, Italy, Uteco knew they wanted and needed the absolute best and cutting-edge technology to ensure their operation was the best in the industry.

By partnering with Energy Sciences Inc., Uteco has ensured their process will be the absolute best by using the latest curing technology specifically designed for CI-Flexo presses. How can they be so sure? Let's look at the factors that separate the ESI electron beam (EB) units from the rest.

To begin with, the image quality is dramatically improved as a result of 70 lines per inch, which allows for continuous tone and stochastic FM screening.

The ESI FlexoBeam also has the ability to print high quality images and graphics on different substrates, giving the printers more flexibility when it comes to uncoated papers and thin gauge films.

The electron beam applications go beyond just curing EB inks on CI-Flexo presses. In the world of flexible packaging, there are a lot of options, including: curing EB coatings, eBeam over-print varnishes and the ability to instantly cure 100 percent solids electron beam laminating adhesives.

Uteco's ConverDrome isn't the only place where ESI FlexoBeam units can be seen firsthand. ESI offers trials at a number of locations so you can see how easy it is to get the latest EB technology installed into your new or existing presses.

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