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Green Is Good: The Future of EB Technology

green in goodThe world is changing and, with that, technology must change too. Globally, the environment pressure is increasing, forcing companies of all types to take significant steps towards more sustainable solutions for production. Our goal at ESI is to reduce the carbon footprint and help others be more ecological.

ESI’s Electron Beam technology is already very sustainable, but there is always more room to grow. We have included a few of our future plans that will have a significant impact on the world, but a much smaller impact on the environment.




Consumer product companies (Unilever, GE, etc.) are focusing on the impact their production has on the environment. In order to achieve that, companies must change or modernize their technology. 

Energy Cure technology, like EB Curing technology, will achieve simpler structures for packaging. EB Curing will start moving away from multi-laminates. This will allow packaging to reduce the use of plastic from three or four layers to two layers


Crosslinking of Films


Everyone knows that Styrofoam is not good for the planet yet it still exists in our world. In the meat section at the grocery store, the shelves are filled with Styrofoam trays that hold uncooked meats. These trays can only last up to three days in the store before they must be thrown out. After three days, they become waste. That’s why Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) is the best choice for meat packaging. With VSP, high barrier EB treatable films can improve the shelf-life of products, creating less waste. Meat packaging can stay on the shelf for up to three weeks as opposed to the three day Styrofoam trays.




Print technology for packaging, specifically flexible packaging, can be changed as well. It can be moved to EB curable technology. ESI’s future hopes include CI flexo and EB Offset moving from solvent based and water based inks to solid inks. This could prevent more of a carbon footprint. There are no photoinitiators or heat involved in CI Flexo and EB Offset inks which already make them greener than most other inks.


The Future of EB technology is Bright


Eventually, all companies will take the steps towards being more environmentally friendly and sustainable. ESI is here to help companies get their manufacturing in the right direction with our ebeam technology. Just like everyone else, ESI wants to make the environment a much cleaner place, making the world a better place.


All in all, green is the goal for the future.


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