Electron Beam Cost Reductions Manpower

Electron Beam Cost Reductions: Manpower


In every industry, efficiency is a chief concern. One can streamline operations in numerous ways, and some turn to the reduction of employees as a fast fix when a company is trying to stem spending. Unfortunately, a reduction in manpower often leads to a reduction in quality, reliability and production. With electron beam technology, those in the packaging industry need not entertain such concerns.

Using electron beam technology actually allows for an overall improvement to your printing operations, while at the same time reducing expenses in a number of areas—including those associated with manpower. Electron beam inks and coatings are already recognized for doing less harm to the environment, but let us consider its environmental impact on the microcosm of your business.

Prime Real Estate
The costs of commercial real estate are ever increasing. Electron beam technology takes up less space than conventional thermal printing equipment. When you're paying by the square foot, this can make a big difference to your end-­of­-year accounting. What's more, the compact footprint and ease of use translates to fewer bodies required for maintenance and operations.

Speeding up the curing process is another appreciated benefit of ebeam tech, and another that can prove itself a boon in more than one way. Not only do you reduce times from a client perspective, but also EB curing does in one step what it takes thermal curing several to accomplish. Faster curing means your project is completed more quickly. The electron beam process is also less waste producing, and its inks are safe to leave in pans for extended periods. That means fewer hands to keep up production and less time spent cleaning.

Smaller Workload On­Site and Behind the Scenes
We all want to do our part to save the planet. You might do it by recycling. The government does it by introducing legislation that necessitates regulatory filings, compliance reports, health and safety inspections, etc. This is where electron beam technology shows its pedigree best.

The EB process was designed to be safer for the world around us. It also proved safer for those who handle the equipment day in and day out.

By eliminating the solvents required in other printing processes, the companies using electron beam inks and coatings do not need to dedicate staff and hours to producing initial regulatory filings. By removing the chemical hazards, there are no on­going Environmental Health and Safety compliance reports to take up a workday—or workweek.

For environmental reasons, federal, state, and local governments recognize that electron beam coatings and curing is the smarter, safer choice. When you look at how the EB can reduce your labor costs, while also helping to reduce your effect on the environment and workers, it's easy to draw the same conclusion. If you are ready to talk to our experts about these and the other benefits of using EB for your business, feel free to contact us any time.