Retrofit Your Existing Press To Save Money

Retrofit Your Existing Press to Save Time and Money

Ebeam Printing

Ebeam Printing

Modernization of existing technology is something that happens on a regular basis. We build upon existing infrastructure to enhance, improve, and make whatever it is more reliable. This same concept applies to the world of printing. Retrofitting an existing press with electron beam technology is an upgrade that modernizes your company to compete in the 21st century.

The release of new technology, as well as aging that occurs from everyday wear and tear, makes it essential for a retrofit to occur. We see it with software and we see it with roads; app updates build upon existing software to enhance user experience and new roads are paved on top of old as part of necessary upkeep. Without these enhancements, the organizations in charge of them would quickly fall behind and out of favor with its users.

Retrofitting an Existing Press

For flexo and offset presses, the foundation is already there. Instead of starting from scratch, an existing press can be retrofitted with new technology to affordably enhance your products. Specifically, retrofitting your press with an electron beam curing system will save you time and money, and improve the overall quality. By improving your system to bring it to the modern age, you are unlocking the benefits that modern technology promises.

Save Time

Electron beam systems allow a job to be complete and ready for shipment faster than any other curing technology. Here's why:

  1. In-house prepress allows you to prepare the next job while the previous one is still finishing. Having your next job lined up and ready to go allows you to immediately get started once complete, minimizing transition time and improving efficiencies.

  2. Cure instantaneously with very little heat. Ebeam technology has a drying length of only 8-10 inches and is not subject to the longer drying times that UV systems entail.

  3. Printing cylinders are designed for ease of use. This means they can quickly be exchanged manually, or use an automatic cylinder exchange that is even faster.

  4. Job parameters are digitally stored and recalled, with minimal manual entry.

  5. Automatic pre-sets are in place for ink keys, form rollers, printing cylinders, and other mechanical adjustments.

As you can see, there are many time-saving features that exist to improve your plant's efficiencies and get your product to market faster than your competitors.

Save Money

Besides saving time, another huge benefit of EB is saving money. This cutting edge technology cuts down on use of resources, while saving money in the process.

  1. Energy use is dramatically reduced. No dryers or incineration required.

  2. The quick changeover and automatic presets decreases the amount of labor needed.

  3. The printer can be easily adjusted to include a new design, customized text, and minimize print runs. This quick adjustment allows for a speedy turnaround for a more visually appealing product.

The benefits of an electron beam retrofit are clear; they allow you to build upon your current setup and add value every step of the way. Industry leading technology keeps you competitive with the added benefits of saving time and money. Want to see these benefits in action? We have machines standing by to run trials and demonstrate their effectiveness. Request a pilot line trial and see for yourself by clicking here.