For over 40 years, ESI has been a pioneer in Electron Beam (EB) technology and we have quite a history - too much to list all in one place. We do, however, want to share some highlights.



ESI receives the first U.S. patent for the Electrocurtain Lab Unit.


R&D and the beginnings of world-wide use help stimulate interest in ESI's EB technology and spurs suppliers to develop new EB compatible coatings and inks.




ESI introduces the first industrial in-line EB sterilizer.



The first patent for EB Graft Modification of packaging films is issued. ESI leads the way and introduces the new Electrocure™ EB system for web offset.


ESI introduces Hybrid EB/UV and EB/Thermal Systems.


ESI Introduces the first in a series of smaller, innovative, more cost effective EB systems, the EZCure I™




The EZCure II™ arrives on the scene and continues to shrink the footprint and cost of EB technology.


Listening to the needs and wants of their customers, ESI goes back to the lab and launches the EZCure III™. This new system is the smallest, most energy efficient economical EB to date.


ESI introduces a high-voltage EB system that's smaller and at a lower price point than traditional EB systems. This new system is a perfect for pilot projects and small-scale production.

Not content to wait for the next big thing, ESI invents the next big thing and introduces the new EZCure-DFE system. The EZCure-DFE can be retro-fitted onto existing flexo & roto lines to instantly cure EB wet-on-wet inks, coatings & laminating adhesives for flexible packaging converters at high speeds.


ESI brings the EZ Lab to the market for sample testing and EB chemistry development.


The EZCure LS is presented to the converting marketplace by ESI. The LS provides converters that have lower speed printing presses. this resulted in a lower cost entry intro EB processing of high gloss coatings.

ESI re-introduced the EZCure CR (chilled roll) system. The EZCure CR is designed to process heat sensitive films without distortion. The enclosed chilled roll assured consistent processing temperatures while curing inks, coatings and adhesives at speeds up to 1,100 fpm (300 m/min.).


ESI introduced the FlexoBeam™ which was specifically targeted for the food flexible packaging converter. The Flexobeam, aka EZCure LC, features a new "Smartbeam" technology that provides trackability and traceability. This means that the Flexobeam™ tracks and records all pertinent elements of the operating process.


ESI launches Gelflex EB Inks for the North American Flexible Packaging market.