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Why Electron Beam?

Lower overall total cost
Highest quality product
Completely food safe

ESI's Total Solution Approach to e Beam Services

Electrn Beam Solutions

ESI is the founder and world leader in low voltage Electron Beam (EB) technology. Since 1970, for over 45 years, we’ve been helping some of the world’s biggest, most technically advanced, and most recognized companies invest in ebeam smartly.

At ESI we are not just providing electron beam equipment, we are delivering a TOTAL SOLUTION.  From proving your concept in our Wilmington, Massachusetts USA pilot facility to optimization of performance or cost, scale-up and/or pre-production, we have you covered on one of our seven demonstration lines around the globe.

New technology can be risky. Ebeam is no different. We understand this better than anyone. You have questions about EZ Energy USA and EB Curing. ESI has the answers. Take advantage of our experience, know-how, and best-in-class supply chain partnerships. Let us show you how we’re different in the ESI world.

Find out what EB can do for you


Electron beam (EB) offers the lowest total cost solution for many different applications, including food packaging printing. In 2000, ESI introduced breakthrough innovations which significantly reduced both the size and upfront capital cost of ebeam. Whether it’s upfront costs, ongoing ink, coating, or adhesive cost, operating and maintenance costs, or waste reduction, EB is the lowest total cost solution for printers and converters worldwide.
Electron beam offers a wider range of physical properties than any other drying or curing technology. This is primarily due to the highly cross-linked cure of the inks, coatings, and laminating or PSA adhesives. Higher gloss. Lower matte finishes. Better scuff and abrasion resistance. Better chemical resistance. Highest heat resistance. And consistent COF with electron beam crosslinking.
ebeam inks, coatings, and laminating adhesives are FDA compliant and safe for food packaging. ebeam technology has been used in food packaging for over 40 years worldwide and for sterilizing devices. EB chemistries contain NO Odor or Extractables primarily because they contain NO Photoinitiators. Further, the beam processing are not flammable, toxic, or hazardous.
EB inks, coatings, and adhesives are 100% solids. They contain NO VOC’s. There are no initial regulatory filings or ongoing environmental H&S compliance. NO worries about VOC’s, explosion proofing, carbon taxes, CO2 emissions or government reporting. Additionally there is no wasted energy in producing, mixing, shipping, drying, collecting and recovering, or incinerating solvents. Great for both the environment and the bottom line.
EZ Energy USA
ez energy usa

Guide to Cl8 + EB
Web Offset For Today's Packaging

Custom or Standard
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Which EZ Cure is right for you?
  • FlexoBeam – designed for today’s high speed CI Flexo presses curing wet-trapped inks, varnishes and adhesives
  • CR (Chill Roll) – ideal for thin gage, extensible, heat sensitive packaging films
  • LS (Low Speed) – low upfront cost EB for today’s web fed digital and inkjet printing presses
  • LP (Low Profile) – low entry height for web offset presses running thicker gauge films, papers and board stock
  • FC (Folding Carton) – side fire orientation designed specifically for today’s high speed web offset folding carton presses
  • SF (Side Fire) – ideal for high-speed, wide web Flexo, Gravure presses, solventless laminating, & ebeam coating lines
  • DF (Down Fire) – lowest entry height and direct coupled power supply offers smallest footprint for web offset presses
  • LAB (Lab Unit) – For a college or scientific lab.


Why is ElectroCure is right for you?
  • Web width
    600 mm to 3500 mm (20” to 140”)
  • Dose Speed
    up to 13,000 kGy M/min
  • Depth of Penetration
    up to 16 mils (400 gram/m2)
  • Power Supply
    Gas-filled.  Direct-coupled or remote
  • Orientation
    Side-fire, Down-fire, Other
  • Configuration
    Drum (supported) or Unsupported
  • Substrate
    Web. Panel. Sheet.
  • CE Complaint