EB Flexo Ink Leaving No Footprint

EB Flexo Ink: Leaving No Footprint

Electronic beam flexographic inks are an environmentally responsible choice that can save you money and reduce your energy consumption, and since they’re food safe and FDA approved, they can also be used for food packaging applications.

Flexo printing provides sharp, high­quality images, high­gloss finishes, a wide range of vibrant colors, and the lowest overall cost of ownership in terms of capital costs, waste, ink, and energy use. So if you're looking for a new food packaging ink or a greener alternative to your current ink, flexo printing may be the solution.

Reducing the Impact on the Environment

Electron beam flexo ink is a green alternative to some traditional printing inks for many reasons, and among them is the fact that this type of printing requires less energy, and, therefore, has a lower carbon footprint, in the refining, mixing, and drying processes. Moreover, this kind of ink also:

  • Has over 90% fewer volatile organic compounds than other printing inks
  • Emits 85% fewer greenhouse gasses compared to solvent-­based inks
  • Doesn’t require an expensive and energy ­intensive photoinitiator
  • Doesn’t require solvent capture and destruction

Flexo Printing is Good for Your Wallet

On top of requiring less energy and, therefore, less money to run, flexo printing also has other cost savings associated with it. For one, there are fewer upfront capital costs with this type of printing because it doesn’t require interstation dryers (which translates to up to 25 percent savings) or a photoinitiator, uses less waste, and the entire process also uses less ink than other printing systems.

Flexo printing also requires fewer ink stations, meaning your printer does more with less, and can create a wider array of colors with fewer base colors.

Food Packaging Applications of ebeam Flexo Ink

These days, it seems that the experts are always uncovering another problem with food packaging, and it appears that the products used to wrap and print our foods are doing more harm than they are good. Recently, a scare happened when scientists suggested that small amounts of the chemicals in food packaging were leaching into the food itself and that long­time consumers were exposed to large quantities of these chemicals, such as formaldehyde, which can lead to chronic illness and other health problems.

Luckily, ebeam flexo inks are FDA approved as food safe, because they:

  • Are low odor
  • Have low extractables
  • There's no risk of migration from the photoinitiation process because they are not used
  • The inks are non-toxic, non­flammable, explosion­proof, and totally safe for food packaging applications.

Whether you're looking to switch to flexo printing because of the high­quality images, the cost savings, the energy reduction, or the lower cost, you'll also be getting an ink and printing system that’s better for the environment, safer for your bodies and your foods, and healthier for the bottom line. If you are ready to discuss how EB can help your business reduce costs and increase efficiencies, please feel free to contact us.

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