New Ci Flexo Ink To Dominate Landscape

New CI Flexo Ink to Dominate Landscape

In the world of flexible packaging printing, or really anywhere within the Flexo printing industry, the goal is to produce amazing and brilliant final images in a manner that is cost effective, fast, reliable, and safe. Over the last two decades, technology and innovation have made huge improvements to the Flexo industry, streamlining processes and driving efficiency into the operation.

A main focus for improvement has been with the types of inks commonly used in the printing industry and their chemical compositions. Companies and manufactures historically have had a wide range of options from which to choose, spanning solvent ink, water-based ink, and energy curable ink. Recently, a new electron beam curable ink has been introduced that offers the most benefits of any CI Flexographic printing ink available in the market today.

The new ink is called Gelflex-EB. It is revolutionary and offers three important benefits. First, year over year cost reduction through ink savings and reduction in hazardous waste handling expenses. Second, adding speed and productivity to the print line. Lastly, creating smaller dots thereby creating better image quality with electron beam.

In the very competitive market of CI flexible packaging printing, there are a lot of claims of one ink being superior to another. When comparing Gelflex-EB ink to solvent ink, there are some clear advantages that make GelflexEB an extremely attractive value proposition.

Gelflex-EB has higher resolution, 50% less dot gain, reduction in graininess, and higher solid ink density. When evaluating the lowering of the total print cost, there is 25% less energy consumption and only one dryer is needed (so interstation dryers are eliminated).

Printing companies will also benefit from the fact that there is significantly less risk for thermal distortion, and the ability to do quick color matching. Geflex-EB is FDA compliant, safe for food, has the lowest odor and extratables levels, making eBeam a superior value for the CI flexible packaging market. Contact Energy Sciences today to learn how EB curing solutions and Gelflex-EB can make a difference in your operation.