Low Voltage EB Changing Market

Low Voltage EB Changing the Market

Twenty years ago, electron beam curing was an excellent alternative to heat-set drying, where costs could be lowered, and a greener work environment would be created. Within the industry, the need to protect the environment and the consumer demand for greener products resulted in a search for better solutions.

Today’s Flexo and Gravure presses have high demands for performance and output. The technology needs to match that, and high speeds can still be accomplished with low voltage units.

Take the EZ Cure – SF, for example, from Energy Sciences Inc. It is available to fit all standard web widths, speed capabilities, curing thickness, and facility space requirements you need, all with a low voltage machine.

Another great aspect of a low voltage electron beam unit is the fact that you can do more with your floor space while getting the job done quicker and in a more effective manner. The days of giant machines taking up all of your workspace area are over, and the operating costs for the systems are astonishing low.

You also don’t have to worry about expensive photoinitiators and thermal dyers at the end of the press. Check out low voltage EB machines from ESI and quickly transform your operation from top to bottom.