Comexi Wins Sustainability Award Ci8 EB Offset

Comexi Wins Sustainability Award with CI8 + EB Offset

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This past November, Energy Sciences Inc. partner Comexi received an award for their commitment to sustainability. The award is recognition for Comexi's ongoing efforts to make the flexible packaging and conversion industry as eco-friendly as possible. As an environmentally conscious company, ESI is enthusiastic to work with partners like Comexi that have the same sustainability directives in mind.

Comexi and their Commitment to Sustainability

Comexi was founded in 1954 and has since compiled an impressive amount of experience in the flexible packaging conversion industry. They have five different product lines, ranging from flexography print to laminating, and currently use ESI's electron beam technology for the CI8 machine. Comexi has three production facilities in Spain, Brazil, and Italy that occupy over 36,000 square meters combined.

Like ESI, Comexi has a substantial focus on providing environmentally friendly systems that benefit the packaging conversion industry and the stakeholders throughout. Their firm commitment to the environment is seen in their willingness to go above and beyond legal obligations and in their accreditation by organizations like the European Union.

EMAS Award Winners


In recognition of their sustainability efforts, Comexi received an EMAS Catalunya Award. EMAS, which stands for Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, is often referred to as the most prestigious award in environmental management. The theme of the EMAS awards is to recognize "effective eco-innovations supporting improvements in environmental performance" and winners are chosen based on this condition.

As a result of their revolutionary Offset technology, the group received the Award for Best Environmental Conduct. Comexi is no stranger to being recognized for their offset technology; they also won an EMAS prize in May 2015 for “Sustainable Innovations for Environmental Enhancement.”


CI-8: An Environmental Leader in Flexible Packaging

The machine that won the award, CI8 EB Offset, uses electron beam technology to cure inks. CI8 is a complete solution to the challenges presented by the flexible packaging printer sector: it reduces environmental impact, increases energy efficiency, and produces a high-quality print.

Using ebeam curable inks, the printers do away with the baggage that comes with using solvent-based ink technology. This means no dryers, no solvent recovery, and no incineration required. Cutting out these steps allow a significant reduction of energy use, and in turn, lower carbon emissions.

Although many still opt to use solvent-based ink technology, electron beam technology is proven to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint, while improving the overall quality of the finished product. Combined with EB, Comexi Offset is able to surpass conventional in-line offset printing presses by printing thinner and more stretchable materials. To learn more about how Comexi CI8 uses electron beam technology in the curing process, click the button below to download an informational brochure.

Brent Leland