K Show And Electron Beam Crosslinking

The Biggest Plastics and Rubber Trade Fair of the Year


Starting today, K 2016 kicks off its weeklong festivities in Düsseldorf, Germany. According to its official website, K Show is "the biggest and most important trade fair in the world for the plastics and rubber industry." Attendance is expected to exceed 200,000 throughout the week with visitors from all over the world converging upon the Messe Düsseldorf facility. Alongside a wide range of exhibitors and innovative companies, Energy Sciences Inc. will be in attendance showcasing their industry leading ebeam technology.

Plastics Shape the Future

K Show's motto this year is "Plastics shape the future" and there will be a special presentation surrounding this topic. This special show will highlight how plastics and rubbers will be used to solve the world's problems and make advancements in sustainability, med-tech, and energy efficiency. To showcase this theme, the presentation will acknowledge the developments that are currently coming to fruition and the future ideas that are expected to materialize in the near future. The show will be broken up into theme days featuring keynote speeches and panel discussions on the following topics:

  • Plastics Industry 4.0

  • New Materials

  • Lightweight Design

  • Marine Litter

  • Youth and Education

  • Plastics Meet Design

  • Resource Efficiency

To view the complete schedule, view the K 2016 program.

Electron Beam Cross-linking

Energy Sciences will be at K Show to teach about electron beam technology and discuss how a pilot line could benefit you. If you are interested in learning about electron beam technology, our Cross-linking ebook has the basics to get you started.

Topics inside the ebook include:

Shrink Film Application

Electron beam shrink film is used for flexible food packaging, improving shelf stability, and allowing higher heat sealing. This section of the ebook covers solutions to common packaging problems (such as cold shrink sealing) and how EB cross-linking is utilized to deliver the highest quality packaging solution.

EB Basics

For those who do not have a complete grasp on how electron beam technology works, the EB Basics section will leave you with a clear understanding of the technology and the need for its benefits. Starting with an overview of the processor, you will go through the dose and voltage stages and end with the dose-depth curve.

EB Cross-Linking

Both single and double-sided treatment in cross-linking has different advantages depending on the use. This chapter will outline the specs, doses, and voltages for each and help guide you in making a decision of what to use.

The ESI Cross-linking eBook is available now as a free download. Click the button below to receive your free copy. If you are attending K 2016, make sure to contact us to speak to an ESI representative in person!  We hope to see you this week and will be ready to answer any questions you have!

Brent Leland