Successful Year Goss Packaging Tech Center

A Successful Year at Goss’ Packaging Technology Center

Since opening in 2014, the Goss Packaging Technology Center has proved a strong draw for industry professionals and prospects, and a key asset for Goss, providing a central hub to showcase the vast capabilities of the Sunday Vpak web offset press. Within the first six months of opening, many prospects from packaging facilities across the globe visited the Center at Goss’ headquarters in Durham, New Hampshire (USA), to witness live demonstrations and open testing of the Vpak press and explore new opportunities in packaging print production.

Since this time, uses of the Packaging Technology Center have continued to evolve. This year alone, the Center has hosted numerous live tests, including the first lenticular film testing on web offset and expanded color activities, and has facilitated a number of landmark achievements for Goss. Almost one year on from the first ‘open’ demonstration week, we review some of these key milestones realized at the Center to date.

Brent Leland