Manroland Varioman Open House

Manroland Varioman Open House


This week we attended the Manroland Open House in Germany to see the new Varioman f:line, which features ESI’s EB technology.

The Varioman is an offset printer that produces faster, more efficient, and cheaper packaging printing. Some advantages of the Varioman include:

    • Lower production cost due to offset technology
    • Format variable printing unit due to the sleeve technology
    • Different films can be printed in high quality and variability
    • Competitive advantage due to the networked system

The EB technology in the Varioman does not use any photo initiators and has no odor along with being sustainable and reducing waste. This creates package printing that does not smell and reduces the carbon footprint.


We also received some samples from the event. The samples were run at 400MPM and came out great!

ESI is a proud partner with Manroland Web Systems. We had such a great week answering questions about our technology and meeting people from all over in our industry. Thanks to everyone that came out to the event!

Brent Leland