Total Solution Approach: After Sale


After the first stage of the Total Solution Approach is complete, a sale is made and the next stage begins. The sale process includes three major options; Toll Capabilities, Custom EB Design, Line Integration, and Install.

Toll Capabilities
In many ways, both contract and toll manufacturing are similar to other on-demand services. By providing EB curing services on demand for print, coat, laminate or crosslinking, it is part of the “sharing economy” model.

Through our world-class network of partners and customers, we are able to offer ESI customers this valuable resource. This service has allowed our clients to ship product to a customer or to market before committing to a capital investment. It has also allowed our clients who have moved forward to begin supplying their customer base before the arrival of their new machine.

Custom EB Design
We listen to you and give you what you need. At ESI, we have the largest library of custom designs and the most extensive standard product line-up. We want to make sure our customers not only get the best electron beam, but also the best service. Our engineering team is expert about all things EB like web handling, tension control and press electronics, automation, and controls. Satisfaction of your new Electron Beam is our priority!

In order to make a custom electron beam system, there are many important steps. ESI engineers work closely with customers to establish all the essentials that the design will need to have. Energy Sciences must have a serious understanding for the widths, doses, speeds, and other necessities before beginning to build the custom EB.

Line Integration & Installation
Our Installation and Start-Up service will install, start-up, and commission your Electron Beam anywhere in the world to a professional standard.

Professional installation by us is much more than "just" assembling and connecting up your EB system. When we carry out an installation, we also check the configuration parameters and ensure all system components are operating correctly. We consider our installation service complete when everything is working perfectly and in accordance with the predefined specifications. The result is a turnkey handover ready for operation.