Gelflex EB: Safe

One of the most important factors in examining the quality of ink is safety. Fortunately, Gelflex EB Ink is the newest, safest innovation in EB flexo ink. Gelflex has the lowest odor, taint, and extractable levels so any packaging will not be negatively affected. It is also safer for the workers who are dealing with the Gelflex Ink.

FDA Compliant: 
To date, all applications tested have met migration limits established by the Ramsey proposal, making these materials FDA compliant. EB inks, coatings and adhesives have been in food packaging for over 30 years, even in demanding primary packaging structures for foods like ice cream, frozen desserts, chocolate, and spice mixes where no odor is paramount.

Low-to-No Residual Solvents: 
In testing to date, up to an 80% reduction in solvent emissions were experienced as compared to traditional solvent-based ink technology. This reduction in solvent emissions can lead to lower energy costs associated with solvent incineration and VOC destruction/collection. The potential elimination of these added costs exists also.

When it comes to flexible packaging inks there are many factors to consider. However, safety is one of the most important components of an ink. It must be safe, especially for food packaging. ESI’s Gelflex EB Ink is extremely safe and FDA compliant. There has never been a better choice than Gelflex.