Gelflex EB: Cost

Gelflex-EB is not only better, it is also smarter.  ESI’s Gelflex is the cost efficient choice when it comes to innovative EB technology. A revolution in the flexible packaging industry, Gelflex-EB Ink gives you gravure quality without the gravure cost.

The upfront capital equipment costs of one single EB dryer versus an entire CI Flexo thermal drying system, including fans, burners, ductwork, and emissions abatement equipment, is much less. However, that’s only the beginning.  The printer will use over 30% less total energy and 60% less ink due to the ultra-high solid content of the ink.  Other savings involve reduced waste due to no heat, and increased productivity due to higher uptime.

Gelflex-EB in Numbers:

  • 1 EB dryer replaces all interstation & end of press

  • 25% less energy consumption

  • 60% less color ink laydown

  • 65% less white ink laydown

Other Ink & Energy Savings:

  • Changes plates, not colors

  • Run 2-up and 3-up for shorter runs economically

  • Less ink waste

  • More uptime

How Does It Work?
The high solids, gel-based inks are fluid enough for flexo printing, but thicken rapidly, providing effective ink trapping in the wet state. Only one EB dryer is required per press eliminating all interstation and end-of-press thermal dryers. Printers can also EB laminate, extrusion laminate, or EB coat, all in-line with the Gelflex EB inks. All cured with one EB dryer at the end of the press. EB laminating adhesives and coatings are 100% solids and contain no photoiniatators.

ESI’s Gelflex EB ink is the smartest, most cost effective choice. Saving money and time, Gelflex gives you the best quality for a much better price.