Gelflex EB: Quality


Printers today are under constant pressure to maintain graphics quality while delivering year-over-year cost reductions. Fortunately, Energy Sciences has launched a new technology named Gelflex EB Ink. Gelflex EB inks are ultra-high solids, gel-based inks which are fluid enough for CI flexo printing, but thicken rapidly, providing effective high-speed ink trapping in the wet state.  Only one EB dryer is required per press, eliminating ALL inter-station and end-of-press thermal dryers. As the newest innovation in EB flexo ink and the next revolution in the flexible packaging industry, Gelflex can offer cost reductions while printing better image quality and smaller dots. 

                  With Gelflex, you can achieve gravure quality without the expense.  EB flexo inks produce smaller dots (170+ LPI), allowing them to yield sharper and more repeatable images. The higher resolutions and tonal values are extraordinary, even on wide web presses at high speeds.  And 50% less dot gain than solvent-based inks provide higher contrast, brightness and smooth vignettes. Gelflex has the highest physical properties, like gloss and resistance, which allows lamination replacement.

In short, depending on your press, the quality levels will go up. Gelflex EB is truly the next revolution in flexible packaging.

Brent Leland