Tire Perfection With Electron Beam

Tire Perfection with Electron Beam


Believe it or not one of the earliest examples of crosslinking (the process of linking long chains of polymers together to increase polymer strength and mass) involved tires. Natural rubber was vulcanized through the addition of sulfur under heat, creating a link between the different latex models. That process has been revolutionized by Electron Beam (EB) crosslinking.

Now, thanks to major advancements in EB machines and applications, EB has become a very significant cost saving method of source reduction. When electron beam technology is used for crosslinking tires, the benefits begin immediately. Initially, there will be a dramatic change in terms of waiting. EB cross linking of tires reduces curing time of thick rubber products in the press.

EB Crosslinking

EB Crosslinking

Because electron beam can be controlled so accurately in terms of depth and range, tire properties are always retained or enhanced in the process. EB crosslinking technology is very compact and can easily be integrated into tire manufacturing plants. Regardless of the condition or operating practices of the tire manufacturing plant, E Beam crosslinking is a reliable and durable process for highly contaminated factories.

The cleaner and quicker solution for tire crosslinking is electron beam crosslinking, where the tech can be implemented right away, it is easy to operate and even easier to maintain.