Flexible Packaging Revolutionized

Flexible Packaging Revolutionized


Innovations in design and development have dramatically changed the food packaging industry. With the emergence of electron beam (EB) as the most dominant method on the market, print quality, the ability to instantly cure, and being 100% food safe is now a reality.  EB has taken over and is now synonymous with flexible packaging.

For starters, the electron beam can be easily diagnosed for different energy outputs, and can be routinely checked for compatibility with your desired specifications. Print color variation has no effect on the eBeam process as well as ink and coating thickness. EB curing in food packaging is especially beneficial because it is an easier and more robust process.

Other EB curing for flexible packaging advantages include:

  • There are no volatile organic compounds or harmful emissions
  • Instantaneous drying process at extremely high production speeds
  • Very high chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Clean and high gloss
  • No need to soften after the curing process
  • Low-to-know odor or off-taste

Going with an electron beam curing machine means you can cut costs for print lengths that change frequently. For a total process that saves time, money and manpower while providing a clean working environment, electron beam is the answer.