Electron Beam Curing A Closer Look

Electron Beam Curing: A Closer Look

Today, electron beam (EB) technology is now the absolute best method for curing and crosslinking. EB is capable of covering different markets, including: flexible packaging, crosslinking, laminates, sandpaper, coil coating, reflective materials, tires, sterilization and much more. No matter what industry you are involved in, an EB machine can be implemented within your current line structure for faster turnaround time to market, less material waste and a healthier working environment.

By inducing crosslinking of polymers within a coating, the precise electron bundle of energy in EB curing can accurately and safety work on anything that has a double bond. Because eBeam curing can be set and monitored so closely, both the dose and energy density concerning the EB curing process can be easily controlled for maximum efficiency.

When electron beam is compared to paints or powder coatings, with EB there are no VOCs, no solvents, no CO2 release, less energy consumption, and the reactions from crosslinking are quick and complete. EB curing also has a higher scratch and chemical resistance.

Stayed tuned to see what further innovations the future of electron beam has in store.