EB To Cure The World

EB to Cure the World

Have you ever been really surprised when water or other liquids seem to just slide right off a sign, shoe, bottle or even a piece of wood? Chances are curing has occurred, the process of crosslinking polymer chains for added strength and mass of the polymer itself.

Although crosslinking may not be a new idea, perfecting the application is. With electron beam machines being smaller and way more affordable than in the past, there has been a dramatic switch to EB curing technology. Due to the flexibility of EB, areas of specialty can easily be addressed.

The wide web of electron beam specialty can see widths up to 3m+ wide, speeds up to 1,000 m/min, cure depths up to 400 gsm, enclosed or open chill roll systems, downfire or sidefire, c-shape or z-shape web, and can simply be integrated into your new or existing machinery.

In terms of applications, EB is perfect for: tags & labels, battery separators, decorative laminates, sandpaper, metal coil coating, faux leather & imitation textures, holography, resilient vinyl flooring, life sciences media, reflective sheeting, reflective tapes & fabrics, silicone release, wood laminate flooring and more.

As the ESI motto goes in regards to eBeam curing, “If you can coat it, we can cure it.”