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Electron Beam Vs Uv Energy Considerations

When one considers the adoption of energy ­based curing technology, it's easy to deduce energy will be expended in the curing process. What's more crucial to consider, however, is how that plays against energy savings.

Both Electron Beam and UV technologies are effective at reducing costs—including those associated with operational inefficiencies such as high energy costs. And in recent years, ebeam technology has seen rapid adoption in food flexible packaging.

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EB Technology Helps Advance Offset Printing

The Comexi OFFSET CI-8 is a variable format press with a central impression drum, specifically designed for printing on extensible materials. It’s a ground-breaking solution that responds to the challenges of the flexible packaging printing sector: reducing environmental impact, increasing energy efficiency, producing high quality print and speed to market.

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Electron Beam And The Future Of Print Marketing

The world we live in increasingly favors digital over physical; movies are streamed instead of rented, the internet has replaced newspapers as the main source of news, and shopping can be done in the comfort of your home. Within the world of marketing, targeting customers online has become the norm. You may be surprised to learn that print marketing still has a place at the table and is one of the most effective ways to reach customers.

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EB Uv Size

EB and UV curing equipment are both much more compact than your conventional drying ovens, making EB and UV equipment size a tangible benefit when looking to decrease your operational costs. Not only that, but the solvent­ free compositions also require less storage space than solvent­based coatings, making your footprint compact, reducing the amount of commercial real estate required and ultimately, reducing your operational costs.

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EB Vs. Uv Safety

It’s no secret that EB and UV technologies have solidified their standing within the packaging industry because of the inherent advantages over solvent and water­based technologies. The rapid growth in energy­based curing applications is a result of its ability to reduce waste and environmental hazards. While EB technology has seen swift growth into one of the leading choices of the flexible packaging industry, like any other industrial technology, safe use requires an understanding of the potential hazards, knowledge of safe handling procedures and industrial best hygiene practices.

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