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Digital Print Packaging Rapidly Growing

Once limited to niche applications in the printing and packaging industries, digital print is now slated to become the standard for converters of all types. As in all industries, technology in the packaging industry is constantly adapting to be more efficient and we are beginning to see the fruits that this can produce.

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Utilizing Product Packaging To Market To Millennials

If you aren’t paying attention to the purchasing power of millennials, you should be. According to Forbes, millennials represent a fourth of the United States population and have $200 billion in annual buying power. With newfound power and an increase of disposable income, they are looking to vote with their wallets and support companies that meet their own moral standards. Also known as Generation Y, millennials want to know where a product is sourced from, whether it is produced with environmental and human labor standards, and a way to converse with management. Here are some ways to approach a millennial-friendly marketing strategy:

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Global Demand Printing Packaging Machinery Billions 2019

In a recent study from The Freedonia Group, Inc., we get a glimpse into the future of printing and packaging. As emerging markets within Asia and South America look for both greater amounts and higher quality packaging, the overall packaging and printing machinery market demand looks to grow 4.6% annually over the next few years and is expected to reach $52.5 billion by 2019. The reasons for this amazing growth are varied and will be outlined below.

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Improve Laminating Process

The printing and laminating industry is in constant flux. There are two main factors that drive that: one, the technology keeps changing and two, the consumer demand continues to change.

Package durability, size, tear and scratch resistance, color, etc., all go into what process is used and how much profits are affected. Companies are looking for the best process that is both safe and profitable.

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