Improve Laminating Process

Improve Your Laminating Process - DRAFT

The printing and laminating industry is in constant flux. There are two main factors that drive that: one, the technology keeps changing and two, the consumer demand continues to change.

Package durability, size, tear and scratch resistance, color, etc., all go into what process is used and how much profits are affected. Companies are looking for the best process that is both safe and profitable.

If you are laminating, the best adhesive technology to implement is electron beam. EB is an instant cure and 100 percent safe for use with food. There are also no isocyanates, no aromatic amines and no solvent capture. No nitrogen is required to cure the adhesives, high bond strengths are achieved, and fast line speeds are possible.

You can see your operating expenditures line continue to drop without regulatory expenses and the need to overpay insurance companies.

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