Packaging Seminar Highlights Eb

Packaging Seminar Highlights EB

Early this year, at the Labelexpo Packaging Seminar, electron beam curing was featured and discussed. Printers and manufacturers wanted to see the benefits and understand the technology firsthand, as the momentum continues in the EB direction.

The presentation started with showing the different areas that EB can be applied to with a single unit. The multifunctional ebeam process covers: ink curing and adhesive laminating, hologram embossing, cold foil transfer, film crosslinking, and package sterilization.

It is that wide range of applications that makes electron beam technology so appealing. You no longer have to get different machines for different uses. You can also speed up the time it takes to complete a task, your overall costs are lowered, and less floor space is needed.

EB is also great for creating ultra-high gloss, matte, and holographic finishes on a variety of substrates.