Perfect EB Unit

The Perfect EB Unit for You

Companies are looking for the best way to increase their profit margin while still providing quality and service to their customers. Within the curing and printing industries, a lot of the time, how much money you can make is dependent upon the equipment you own and how well you utilize these assets.

If you are using old and outdated equipment, don’t worry, you have some options. Upgrading to the industry standards of today isn’t that hard due to some key changes with high energy curing and coating.

Decades ago, one giant machine was used to try to complete a wide range of tasks. There were interstation dyers used, a lot of space was required, and oftentimes the final product was compromised just to get the job done.

With electron beam units, interstation dryers are eliminated, costs are cuts, the working environment is cleaner and safer and you can keep the Gravure-like quality while you print.

Energy Sciences Inc. has developed different EB machines to fit your exact operating needs while staying within your budget. High voltage, low voltage, Web Offset, thin webs, wide webs—the list goes on and on. The key is to realize you can get an affordable eBeam unit to meet your specific needs.

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