Electron Beam Great Labels Part

Electron Beam Great for Labels, Part I


The next time you go shopping, do a little experiment. See if you can find two packages or even two labels that are alike. In the stores 50 years ago, many of the boxes and packages would have been very similar.

It was cheap and easy to mass produce the same cardboard box, for example, so many companies used them . Now, dynamic packaging is what sells, and businesses are constantly innovating and competing for coveted shelf space in major retail outlets.

It all comes down to having the right process in place at the right time.

“Printing and laminating is typically a two-step process for the traditional wide-web printers, while the label industry tends to combine the processes,” wrote Steve Schulte of Mark Andy Inc.

To make sure you can meet those demands you need the right technology and ink. That’s where electron beam (ebeam) comes into play, providing the best print quality and lowest overall cost.