Electron Beam Great Labels Part II

Electron Beam Great for Labels, Part II


In-line lamination is another big area for growth within printing and curing. Especially in the fields of flexible packaging and laminating adhesives for the food industry, where there is a lot of room for growth.

“This process of in-line lamination has been a focal point for new technologies recently. More and more presses with the ability to print and laminate thin films are being installed in the traditional label market,” wrote Steve Schulte of Mark Andy Inc.

The ability to do more with thin films is a result of technological advances from Energy Sciences Inc. and their electron beam units and developments in ebeam inks, coatings, and laminating adhesives.

A challenge that continues to face short and medium sized runs has been high speed drying that is required for solvent and water-based inks.

With Gelflex-EB ink from ESI, interstation dyers are eliminated. You don’t have to deal with the added costs and environmental concerns associated with solvent inks. EB provides a low heat, instantaneous cure at high line speeds.