New Revolution Sterilization

New Revolution in Sterilization

When it comes to hospitals and laboratories, one thing has to be right every time, and that is the cleanliness of the operation.

In the lab, bacteria and dirt can throw off test results, skew numbers and ruin the whole experiment. In the hospital setting, everything needs to be sanitized to prevent infection and further complications to medical procedures.

Medical facilities and labs are searching for the best sterilization methods that work every time and that don’t break the bank.

The solution is electron beam sanitation and sterilization. It’s time to replace the dated practice of Hydrogen Peroxide and go with a cleaner, better method in electron beam.

Electron beam can be used to sterilize medical devices/instruments, medical packaging, certain types of food items, liquids, and food packaging, as examples.

There are no risks of residual chemicals which makes it safe and environmentally friendly. You can experience high speed in-line capabilities with eBeam sterilization and EB is a low heat challenge sterilizing process.

Get the most advanced, cost-effective sterilization method with electron beam.