Global Demand Printing Packaging Machinery Billions 2019

Demand for Quality Packaging Machinery to Reach $52.5 Billion by 2019



In a recent study from The Freedonia Group, Inc., we get a glimpse into the future of printing and packaging. As emerging markets within Asia and South America look for both greater amounts and higher quality packaging, the overall packaging and printing machinery market demand looks to grow 4.6% annually over the next few years and is expected to reach $52.5 billion by 2019. The reasons for this amazing growth are varied and will be outlined below.

Increased Income

One of the biggest driving forces behind this expansion of printing and packaging machinery is the increasing incomes for families living in many emerging markets. As more of their populations are able to afford a higher standard of living they also begin to demand and expect greater safety requirements for items such as foods and medications.

Fixed Investment Spending

As the incomes and demand for flexible packaging rise more manufacturers are investing in the technology that allow for the production of this style of items. Old equipment is being removed to make way for new technologies such as FlexoBeam which can be utilized within current web-offset printing processes. Additional, in some areas old processes are transitioning from manual packaging to more modern mechanized packaging with the goal of increased efficiency and production.

Labeling & Coding

As more accountability is required within the entire supply chain, the need for labeling and coding will also take prominence within the industry. In order to fulfill this need many companies will have to obtain new machines which were not in place previously. For this reason, this will be the fastest growing type of equipment sold during this time period.

Environmental & Health Safety

From Panamá to China more people are realizing plastic’s great properties (durability, cleanliness, etc.) and the number of applications will only continue to increase. Electron beam technology is near the top of everyone’s wish list in this quickly growing market for many reasons. The most appealing reasons include: cost effectiveness and food/health safety. Not only is it possible to reduce the amount of waste produced in the process but it also reduces operating costs while maintaining high levels of safety and quality. ebeam is safe for foods, and thanks to the 5.7% annually expected growth within the Asian/Pacific region alone, it should account for a large share of the overall packaging increase.

While growing incomes give way to improved health and safety requirements, companies will be working hard to improve their technologies in order to meet this increasingly desired need. We already know that ebeam is the most cost effective and safe of the options available and it will account for a large portion of this movement. If you are ready to learn how to bring ebeam technology to your printing/packaging business and be a part of this $52.5 billion expansion contact us today.