Buzz Growing Over Revolutionary Ink

Buzz Growing Over Revolutionary Ink

When companies set out to dramatically improve upon an area of their industry, a lot have efficiency and profit in mind. Most, however, never get to see the end result as so many new "revolutionary products" never take off, enter into production, or actually deliver on intended promises.

That was not the case when Energy Sciences Inc. (ESI) wanted to change the face of flexible packaging printing, specifically as it related to CI flexo inks. The result was the revolutionary new ink called Gelflex-EB ink.

The electron beam ink was called revolutionary because, the ink is "said to deliver year-over-year cost reductions from ink savings, waste savings, and productivity gains. Inks are also said to maintain graphics quality from better image quality and smaller dots, all while decreasing emissions 90%," reported Paper, Film & Foil Converter (PFFC) online publication.

Other news outlets in the industry have been running similar stories about Gelflex-EB ink from TechnoSolutions and ESI. Flexible Packaging Magazine ( recently ran a story about how Gelflex-EB ink and eBeam ink will provide a safer, cleaner, working environment compared to conventional solvent based inks.

Major food manufactures like Maheso, are switching to electron beam inks in the printing of their new flexible packaging products. Simply put, when only one dryer is required at the end of the press the printing process is quicker, more efficient and costs less. No interstation dryers are needed with Gelflex-EB ink.

"Quality is said to be similar to gravure, and electron beam offers low odor and taint and is safe for operators to handle," said PFFC.