Esi EB Passes Another Field Test

ESI EB Passes Another Field Test

When it comes to optimal operation methods for the flexible packaging industry, nothing cuts costs, eliminates waste and produces a better final product than electron beam (EB) technology.

Recently, that claim was once again put to the test as Comexi Group, Inplacsa and Maheso cooperated to create a more sustainable flexible packaging option for Maheso's "Cheese Pop" product.

Sustainability goes hand in hand with both Energy Sciences Inc. (ESI) and EB. That's why when Maheso wanted a cleaner, better product, they went with ESI electron beam.

For starters, Maheso wanted a process that showed their "commitment to the environment using a packaging without the use of solvents, avoiding emissions of volatile compounds to the atmosphere," it was reported in the January issue of Packaging Europe Magazine. (eBeam inks, such as Gelflex-EB, have no VOCs, are FDA compliant reduce solvent emissions by 90%.)

With the help of ESI EB technology, Maheso was able to reach their goal, along with the process being executed in record time.

The "Cheese Pop" package became a greener option as the drying of the CI Web Offset inks was done with ESI EB. "Among its main benefits, the reduction of environmental impact thanks to the use of solventless inks and greater energy efficiency," reported Packaging Europe Magazine.

When product owners, printers and manufacturers see the time and money that can be saved with EB, along with the environmental benefits, they want to start implementing the process immediately.

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