EB Curing Surface Print On High Gas Barrier Multilayer Monoweb Coextruded Films

EB curing surface print on high gas barrier, multilayer monoweb...

eBeam technology can help packaging companies simplify their substrates by moving from reverse printed laminations to high gas barrier, multilayer monoweb coextruded films. These high barrier monoweb films can be surface printed with or without first down white. The first down white, ink and varnish can all be energy curable. Several printing methods like web offset lithography or flexography can be used. In some cases these high barrier monoweb films with surface print can be used as shrink films, allowing for electron beam crosslinking of the films to achieve certain film property enhancements and curing of inks and varnish at the same time.

Replacing laminations with surface printed monoweb films simplifies the packaging structure, making it more sustainable and reducing the overall cost through electron beam.