Ink Importance In Flexo Printing

Ink Importance in Flexo Printing

When businesses are looking to increase profits, while providing a better final product to their customers, they will often take a hard look at their materials and processes. What areas are generating excess waste and cost? Where can we improve efficiency without comprising the quality of the final product, and even improve upon the deliverable to clients?

In the last decade, the type of ink used has had a big impact on the bottom line for printing operations. Printers are continually looking to save money in every aspect of their business. Usually that comes in the form of some kind of small savings that will grow slowly over time. In flexo printing, it becomes essential to save on the amount of ink used, to limit the amount of waste that is produced in the process, and improve upon productivity to achieve meaningful cost reduction.

It may surprise a lot of printing operations that the type of ink that is used has direct implications on all of those factors. The latest innovation in CI flexo inks, Gelflex-EB, offers the technical benefits of a gel-based ink, and reduced printing costs through less ink consumption and eBeam drying. Also with Gelflex-EB, there is less waste, productivity is increased, and costly equipment, like interstation dryers, are eliminated.

If you are a printing company that wants to cut costs while providing better image quality, switch to Gelflex-Electron Beam ink. Schedule a trial today to see the difference for yourself.