End Of Solvent Systems

End of Solvent Systems

The bottom line is that solvent-based inks have image quality concerns, health worries, and environmental issues associated with their applications. For years, printers and manufacturers have had to endure the shortfalls associated with solvent inks while waiting for something better to take their place. That revolution finally happened with Gelflex-EB ink from Techno Solutions and Energy Sciences Inc. (ESI).

"This new product [Gelflex-EB] promises to offer the marketplace both an economic and an environmentally sustainable alternative to current solvent systems," reported FlexPackMag.com in their latest article called "Emerging Innovations and Trends in the Flexible Packaging Industry."

Printers want an ink that does two main things: provides the best product while lowering costs year after year. That solution is Gelflex-EB (electron beam).

One of the big areas of printing that Gelflex-EB inks with eBeam curing instantly changed was achieving a better, more defined, and consistent print dot. "This allows for the use of an expanded gamut inks system, further reducing both the number of colors used and the number of ink color changes. The result is higher uptime, more consistency and productivity," reported FlexPackMag.

Print cost, quality, and environmental impact are all superior with Gelflex-EB ink from ESI.