What Gelflex EB Will Change

What Gelflex-EB Will Change

The flexo printing market is always waiting for the next big thing. Competition and a customer demands to produce a better product have lead to many innovations and changes throughout the industry. Most recently, the newest and most revolutionary technology in CI Flexo printing has been Gelflex-EB ink from Techno Solutions and Energy Sciences Inc.

A lot of new products claim that they will dramatically transform a given landscape within their industry. With Gelflex-EB, however, you can document and witness the changes and improvements firsthand with this commercially available eBeam technology.

For starters, the look and feel of your printing operation will be transformed. Interstation dryers are a thing of the past —immediate cost savings drop to the bottom line from maintenance and upkeep, to utility bills, and space on your press floor. Gelflex-EB allows you to eliminate thermal dyers as only one electron beam dryer is required at the end of the press. What allows them to be removed?

The Gelflex-EB ink is fluid enough for printing and makes for great ink trapping in the wet state, but the advanced technology behind Gelflex-EB allows for fast drying, thus effectively keeping the image quality perfect.

Another huge area Gelflex-EB will impact is the overall print cost. With 25 percent less energy needed, 60 percent less color and 65 percent less white ink laydown, and a reduction in waste due to no thermal distortion, printers save a lot of money and time with Gelflex-EB.

The actual packaging applications themselves will allow printers to be more creative with Gelflex-EB, as the ink was engineered for the various flexible package configurations that seem to change daily.

Get the most out of your printing operation today with Gelflex-EB.