Electron Beam Applications

Electron Beam Applications

For decades, electron beam (EB) has been used in many different coating and printing applications. Due to the many benefits of the technology, engineers and scientists have been developing new ways to utilize EB s, as well as improving upon existing methods.

Currently, there is a strong electron beam market in packaging, flexible packaging, cross linking, specialty, flooring, tires, and sterilization. EB curing technology is extremely versatile and is commercially available for use with most printing methods such as the curing of flexo and offset inks, coatings, laminating adhesives, and the new Gelflex-EB for CI flexo.

When speaking about the new innovations in electron beam, Gelflex-EB has to be mentioned as another way top players in the industry are taking the eBeam technology to the next level. More specifically, Gelflex-EB has allowed the flexible packaging marketplace to transform itself into a more efficient and cost-effective enterprise.

Printers can save money with Gelflex-EB because costs are reduced through ink savings, reductions in waste, and productivity gains. Gelflex-EB also creates Gravure-like quality through higher resolution and tonal value. Gelflex-EB operates on a green platform, so it's a better alternative for the environment.

The flexible packaging industry continues to grow as more products are transitioning to new forms of packaging, and increasing their shelf appeal to the consumer. A sure way to differentiate yourself is to use the latest technology, like Gelflex-EB, and stay ahead of the competition.