No More Solvent Based Inks

No More Solvent Based Inks

Finally, flexible packaging printing can be accomplished in a clean, efficient way that produces the image quality that both consumers and manufacturers want. The solution came through a new revolutionary electron beam (EB) ink, Gelflex-EB ink.

One of the many goals of Gelflex-EB was to create an ink that was far superior to conventional solvent based ink.

1. Gravure-like quality—with Gelflex-EB you can print at 180 LPI for higher resolution and tonal value. You also experience 50% less dot gain, resulting in higher contrast and brightness.

2. Cost—Gelflex-EB has the lowest total print cost. That is accomplished through 25% less energy consumption and only one eBeam dryer is needed at the end of the press. No more interstation dryers.

3. Green—Gelflex-EB is better for the environment. Companies see a 90% reduction in solvent emissions, less insurance costs, and less waste during transportation.

4. Great for food—Electron beam is FDA compliant and can be used with any food packaging.

Join the revolution and get Gelflex-EB for your printing operation.