The World Leader In EB Technology Esi

The World Leader in EB Technology—ESI

When looking at any industry, the top players have a combination of market insight, a well defined plan for the future , and applications that deliver results. That's the exact business approach of Energy Sciences Inc. (ESI), making them the electron beam (EB) world leader.

To begin with, ESI covers many different markets, making sure they are receiving all the input, industry news, and trends that are happening in the world of energy curables. ESI is the market leader in packaging (especially flexible packaging and food packaging), decorative laminates, flooring, tapes, labels, and tires and anything else that can be cured with electron beam technology.

ESI has been able to transform their eBeam expertise into new applications that feature higher line speeds, lower energy consumption, improved inerting, ease of installation/start-up, and ease of operation.

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