Esi Perfecting Web Offset

ESI Perfecting Web Offset

As the world's leader in electron beam technology, Energy Sciences Inc. has seen a lot of changes and growth in the different associated industries. Web Offset is no exception. Technology has required that companies either adapt, implement new ideas, or die, as it relates to Web Offset.

More specifically, in the realm of flexible package printing, implementing better practices is becoming a necessary reality for growing companies. For example, because of the lower costs and the decrease in time it takes for job change-overs, Electron Beam Offset printing is rapidly cutting into the market share.

"Of all the web offset drying technologies, EB offers today's folding carton and flexible packaging printer the lowest total cost of ownership. Since eBeam inks contain no expensive phototinitiators, EB inks cost less than UV inks," reported Packaging Europe Magazine (PEM).

The flexibility surrounding EB Web Offset allows your company to handle more jobs and produce more cartons. In flexible packaging, especially within the food industry, printers that can take on new designs and innovative cartons will get new orders.

"They also have no resulting odor or extractables, and are the safest choice for food packaging," PEM reported.

For the best Web Offset printing, go with ESI EB Web Offset.