Ez Cure A Closer Look

EZ Cure—A Closer Look

The demand in the printing and packaging industry is only increasing—if your company is not implementing the latest innovations while enhancing the overall product, chances are the competition is.

It's that line of thinking that has propelled Energy Sciences Inc. to continually improve upon the technology of electron beam (EB) curing with its line of EZ Cure systems.

Here's a quick overview of the different EZ-Cure options available to make your drying process quicker and more cost efficient:

EZ Cure – CR: engineered for high speed eBeam for thin and extensible webs on modern Web Offset lines.

EZ Cure – LP: when you need high speed electron beam applications completed at the lowest total cost, and a low entry height, the LP is the perfect fit.

EZ Cure – DF: space won't be an issue with the ultra compact DF, built for high speed Web Offset lines.

EZ Cure – FC: dealing with challenges of folding carton converting. Make life easy with the FC specifically designed for thicker board stock.

EZ Cure – LS: for those just starting out or those that want an amazing EB machine that falls within the budget.

EZ Cure – SF: the perfect combination of the highest speed and low voltage making the SF ideal for today's Flexo and Gravure presses.