Why The Growth In Flexible Packaging

Why the Growth in Flexible Packaging

For the last decade, the reports and studies have all concluded one thing: the flexible packaging industry is not only growing, but also showing no signs of slowing down. It's easy to look at the stats and conclude that. But a lot of printers and manufacturers want to get to the root of the growth and further understand what areas are the biggest contributors to the rise of the eBeam flexible packaging industry.

For starters, communication. It is a lot easier to share industry news, ideas, trends, and advancements than ever before. For example, you can directly Tweet at Flexible Packaging Magazine, sign up for newsletters, interact on social media platforms, and directly engage your consumer base.

Another reason for the big growth within the industry has been innovation. A good example of this is the EZ Cure electron beam system from Energy Sciences which is designed for Web Offset market, and the new printing ink, Gelflex-EB, targeting the CI Flexo market. Both have helped to accelerate the printing possibilities.

Lastly, the demand has increased. Both producers and consumers want and seek out new packaging designs. The square cardboard box just won't cut it these days. The more dynamic the package, the more you will stand out from the competition.