Offset Printing Access And The Ci8

Offset Printing Access and the CI8

With technology, social media, the Internet, and good old fashioned word-of-mouth, it is easier than ever to learn about the trends and changes in any given industry. Web Offset printing with electron beam is no different.

One of the major shifts in Web Offset has been going away from old technology and solvent ink, and implementing better and more efficient applications like the Offset CI8 press and electron beam (EB) drying technology. The great thing about everyone being so connected is that, with a simple click, you can see a lot of the new advancements for yourself.

Here's a YouTube video showcasing the COMEXI Offset CI8:

Although only one minute and fifty seconds in length, you can still get a great idea as to what the machine does and what benefits it can provide for your company. You no longer have to travel to different cities and talk with different companies—it's all available to you directly.

The COMEXI claim at the start of the video is pretty straightforward, stating, "COMEXI OFFSET printing offers the best quality level without the past serious concerns about the feasibility of offset printing on non-absorbent and stretchable materials." The difference in today's age, however, is you can learn all about this technology  by watching the video.

Want more? Here's the link to the COMEXI Offset CI8 live demo:

Still interested?  ESI has EB curing systems on a number of offset presses throughout the world.  Contact ESI today about running a production trial at one of these facilities.  See all of the advantages of web offset printing and eBeam drying firsthand.