Esis Ez Cure Continues To Amaze

ESI’s EZ Cure Continues to Amaze

When it comes to printing, the applications, needs and reach are only continuing to grow. That's why when your company invests in a piece of capital equipment, it needs to be able to answer the changing needs of your customer base, while being reliable and affordable.  It also needs to fit easily in new or existing press lines, and be operator friendly.  Those factors were the basis for Energy Sciences Inc.'s EZ Cure technology which was developed over 15 years ago, and continues to evolve today.

To begin with, the EZ Cure was created with different configurations so your requirements are exactly met. One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to the wide variety of printing methods where an EZ Cure can be installed. For operations requiring low voltage, the EZ Cure is the most extensive standard low voltage product line up available. Also, ESI’s eBeam ElectroCure is the most proven custom high voltage line up.

Whether you choose a standard or custom machine, you can count on ESI to deliver a system with rock solid reliability. The electron beam EZ Cure offers the largest portfolio of proven designs for low voltage applications. ESI’s product and process engineers will listen to exactly what you need to make sure the fit is perfect, and can custom design a specific system just for you, if needed.

ESI will work with you through all phases of the project.  We will take the time to understand your requirements and work with you through the installation, start-up, and acceptance of the system.  But it doesn’t end there, ESI offers international lifetime support of our systems.  We are there for you 24/7/365.  Why not explore putting an electron beam EZ Cure system on your line today to handle all of your drying needs?  The risk is low and the benefits are too big to ignore.