Insights Unveiled At Comexi Group Open House

Insights Unveiled at Comexi Group Open House

The main attraction at last October's Comexi Group event was the opening of the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre. The new operation will provide consultancy, training and academic opportunities, innovation, and a demo center/laboratory (with 13 lines).

In CI Flexo printing, applications and technology continue to change, and entities that not only try to meet those needs but stay a step ahead continue to pave the way for the rest.

In 2012, Comexi Offset released Offset CI8 EB (electron beam), the first of its kind in the world. CI8 EB demonstrated a high print quality along with a cost effective electron beam curing option, and quick platemaking.

These days however, it's not just about efficiency, a better print product, and lower costs with Comexi Group; environmental sustainability is also a key consideration with new technology developments.

"In accordance with Comexi Group's commitment to the planet, the new site is equipped with an environmental friendly biomass heating system. Furthermore, the new production site is nearly paper-free thanks to a large-sized touch screen on the production floor which is used for meetings and presentations," wrote Sebastian Reisig, reporting about the open house.

Comexi continues to improve upon their concepts, like implementing a web-offset press on a central impression cylinder back in '12, with three new versions of a laminator and a moveable solvent treatment box, the F2.

By offering seminars, training, test runs, and other services to possible clients, Comexi Group will only continue to grow in the ever-changing flexible packaging market.

"What is really exciting is that a flexo CI press for water-based eBeam curing inks has been announced," Reisig wrote.

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