Make Your Flexible Packaging Operation More Sustainable

Make Your Flexible Packaging Operation More Sustainable

One of the biggest trends in flexible packaging is the movement towards sustainability. The idea is creating a better flexible packaging universe that helps preserve the environment, cuts cost, produces a better final product, and is more efficient.

Although that may seem like a tall order to improve in all of those areas, little by little, changes are happening. Recently there have been innovations in bio-based packaging, food waste prevention, new labels, and a push for consumers to recycle their products after use.

Most experts agree that the key to accomplishing sustainable goals is a cost-effective and efficient transition. "The number-one roadblock to successfully realizing the value of a sustainability strategy—be it for packaging, the overall enterprise, purchasing, or otherwise—is incomplete implementation," wrote Laura Flanigan from

In flexible packaging printing, an area where transition is possible is changing the type of ink used in the printing process. Gelflex-Electron Beam ink, for example, is a green alternative to solvent-based inks and is extremely easy to implement into existing presses.

Gelflex-EB ink use results in a 90% reduction in solvent emissions, a 60% reduction in ink consumption, along with less waste in transportation. eBeam is the sustainable solution for packagers.

If you are looking to be more sustainable in your flexible packaging printing, get Gelflex-EB and electron beam curing to cut costs and produce a superior final end product.