Innovation Key To Flex Pack Rise Part I

Innovation Key to Flex Pack Rise, Part I

The flexible packaging world is a multi-billion dollar industry. From pet food and cartons to drink labels and frozen food, there seems to be every shape, size and design of consumer products with printed images and graphics. Companies that sell different products use flexible packaging to separate themselves from their competition visually, provide a new way to transport/consumer/store the products, and to have the most efficient and green processes in print.

In order to achieve those goals, businesses on both sides of the packaging operation must put an emphasis on innovation, and then once an idea is established, implement the new way of thinking into the printing procedure. For years, electron beam technology has been used to improve cross linking applications, and specialty areas such as tires, sterilization and more recently, there has been an emphasis on packaging (and more specifically, flexible packaging).

Within flexible packaging printing, one major area of innovation has been with the different types if ink that is used. Consumers, printers, and businesses alike have been searching for a safer ink, such as eBeam inks, that will cut costs and print time all while providing a better final end product.

Anyone who has ever walked the aisles of a grocery store understands how many different varieties of packages line the shelves. The products with the best inks stand out and sell better. The superior ink is Gelflex-EB. Please contact Energy Sciences for more information or to schedule an electron beam trial.