Innovation Key To Flex Pack Rise Part II

Innovation Key to Flex Pack Rise, Part II

When the Spanish food manufacturer Maheso wanted to change the way they package their food (that would also align with the unveiling of a new product), the goal was one, a sharper image and package, two, lower cost and greater profit margin, and three, a more environmentally sustainable approach.

"The new packs were printed by flexible packaging solutions provider Inplacsa using the Comexi Offset Ci8 press. The press produces packaging without using solvents, avoiding emissions of volatile compounds to the atmosphere," reported

How is Maheso accomplishing their goals of sustainability? By changing with the times and implementing new technologies into their printing and flexible packaging approach. The new "pop nuggets" package is produced with a CI Web Offset press with an ESI electron beam curing system.

eBeam allows for you to eliminate interstation and thermal dryers. Only one EB dryer is required at the end of press, making for a faster, cheaper, and better printing procedure. Conventional methods and presses have to have a drying area in between colors/print stations.